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Custom Clothier and Shoes

At PERCI, our passion for personalization is our promise to deliver perfectly tailored, made to measure attire, designed specifically for your individual needs. This promise begins with the selection of the noblest natural fibers, whether superfine merino wood, cashmere, linen, pure hand-made silk, the meticulous weaving of our premium fabrics and utmost care in helping you select the style, fabrics and particulars to create custom apparel best suited for your character.

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Perci Custom Clothier & Shoes

Made To Fit

For many men who are not the average size, height or width, they find it
almost impossible to find clothes that fit correctly, especially something
that they really like. PERCI Custom Clothier will provide you with the suit
you need to make you look and feel your best. You will be given the
opportunity to choose the textures, color and style to your liking. Our
consultants are familiar with most of the current trends and timeless looks, if there is a specific style you have in mind.

Our tailor can also make suggestions based upon your body structure, to
either emphasize or hide specific body features. Our goal is the same as
yours, to have your suit fit perfectly.


we are

good at what we do!

We have been in this industry for 2 generations. We know what our customers need and we tailor for your need!

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  • Men’s Suit Design
  • Quality
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The Epitome of Exclusiveness

PERCI makes you look smart!

We have been in this industry for 2 generations. We know what our customers need and we tailor for your need!


The creation of a made to measure suit is the epitome of exclusiveness.
We provide you with expert stylists who will listen to your request before
taking the measurements.

understanding your needs

After clearly understanding your needs, the fitting process will begin. Once all measurements are reviewed and discussed with the expert pattern makers, the fabric is ordered and the cutting process begins.

Our offers

Our made to measure garments are not restricted to just suits, we can offer the same services with shirts, pants and

Custom Made Suits and Shirts

Exceptional personal service is what our customers have come to expect.
At PERCI, we not only create custom suits and shirts, we create custom
personal styling. Our 15 + years of working with men and women in all
walks of life, we are afforded a unique opportunity and expertise to
influence and assist in developing your very own personal style.

Custom Shoes

Percy custom shoes are made from genuine Italian leather. Our
consultants assist you in choosing the correct look, color and style for
each client. Percy’s first goal is to make sure the shoe gives you a comfort that you never experienced at a fraction of the price of similar quality shoes.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How long will it take for me to receive my custom shirt and shoes?

It generally takes 3 to 4 weeks for your suit or shoes to arrive.

What is meant by custom suits?
Simply put, custom in tailoring means the garments are designed from a bare canvas using the measurements taken individually from clients. The measurements are then used to cut out the pattern. This cut out pattern is then laid out to cut the fabric chosen by the client.
Why would I want a Custom suit?
Every man and woman should have custom suits in their collection. Custom suits are individually made for the wearer and delicately handcrafted to fit perfectly. High quality custom suits should never fit like a suit, but rather a glove.
Can you replicate a suit style I want?

Yes, we can replicate any suit style the client prefers. We value any input on design and style from our distinguished clients.

It is possible for me to bring along a sample suit that I want be copied?
Yes, you may bring along a sample suit or a photo from a magazine you would like for us to copy on your initial appointment. All our suits can be modified according to client specifications.
Would you recommend dry cleaning as an option when caring for my custom garments?
Repeated exposure to heat and chemicals used in dry cleaning can reduce the durability of your garments and can even cause an unpleasant stain on the fabric. For your custom shirts, always inform the cleaners not to use any kind of starch that can damage the fabric, and iron the shirts by hand.
Do you rely on standard patterns in the construction of your custom clothing?
Since our expertise is on creating bespoke clothing, we do not rely on established or standard patterns. Custom clothing is special because it is entirely unique and perfectly fitted to suit every individual
How often do you change your fabric collection?
We carry over 3000 fabrics and we strive to showcase the latest and only the best cloths in our collection. In this regard, we constantly update our collection as often as three to four times each year.
I often see thread count on fabrics, why does it matter?
Thread count is the number of threads present and woven in a particular square inch of the cloth. Thread count matters because it distinguishes the softness and durability of the fabric. In essence, the greater the thread count, the softer the material will be. A thread count ranging from 100 to 160 are fabrics that are considered very luxurious. The higher thread count makes for a softer fabric which allows for better color and shape when worn.
How often should I have my measurements taken?
Your measurements are taken only once during your initial appointment and we only keep your details as reference for your future orders. If for some reason you would like to have your measurements taken again, we can gladly accommodate your request.